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Our approach
A warm and
tailor-made approach
At Sander & Partners, it all starts with an active listening in order to get to know you better so that we can understand your needs, your motivations and, above all, your personal situation. This listening will enable us to guide you in your career and advise you to achieve your professional goals.
Coaching & Career Counselling
By considering your situation, experience and strengths, we will develop together your career plan. We will introduce you to a range of companies that will meet or exceed your expectations.

We want your success!
Business, sector & regional
Sander & Partners focuses on a unique specialisation by fields and profession. Indeed, our consultants have acquired specific expertise in their field through their experience and/or their education. Moreover, this specialisation is reinforced by a specific geographical and regional knowledge:

  • Domains, sectors, markets and professions
  • Geographic, regional and linguistic
Confidentiality & Discretion
As a recruitment agency and HR professional in the service sector, Sander & Partners and all its employees place confidentiality, integrity and transparency at the heart of their interests.
Our latest jobs
Fiduciaire & Tax
Employee / Independent
Ce superbe bureau familial d'une 15aine de collaborateur recherche activement deux comptables motivés!
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Fiduciaire & Tax
Employee / Independent
Medior / Senior / Management
Cette fiduciaire possède plus de vingt années d’expertise dans le domaine du conseil fiscal et comptable et a su acquérir des clients variés et intéressants.
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Fiduciaire & Tax
Employee / Independent
Medior / Senior
32 Vakantiedagen - Innovatieve omgeving - Aantrekkelijke salarispakket
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Fiduciaire & Tax / Accounting Internal
Sander & Partners est une start-up belge en recrutement située à Bruxelles qui propose un service hors pair dans le domaine financier et fiscal.
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Fiduciaire & Tax
Employee / Independent
Junior / Medior / Senior
Menselijk kantoor - houdt rekening met je ambities
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Accounting Internal
Antwerpen / Bruxelles / Halle
Sander & Partners is momenteel op zoek naar een Junior Boekhouder voor een internationaal holding in Brussel.
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About Us
Sander & Partners is an enthusiastic, ambitious and devoted team of recruitment and career advisors in Belgium and Luxembourg.

We offer tailored-made recruitment services in the financial, accounting and tax field. Thanks to an accurate expertise in each field, dedicated work and feeling concerned about your business and career we guide your hiring requirements and career path successfully.

We benefit of a large network of professionals and we work through a wide range of clients from SMEs to multinationals. We are also delighted that they choose us because of our distinctive approach and high expertise.

Whether you are an expert willing to develop your career or a company looking for a talent, we are confident we will fulfil the task you set us.
Connecting the right talent with the right company who offers the right opportunity and enable them both to reach their potential

Together, let’s leverage your future
Our core values
Our objective is to be the most qualitative recruitment specialist and be the best reference in the Financial & Tax field. It’s not just about what we do – it’s about how we do it. We put people, innovation and integrity at the heart of our success and our culture.
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Work at Sander & Partners
We are always looking for ambitious and brilliant people with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to make an impact.
Sander & Partners is a fast-growing HR recruitment and consultancy firm.

Our people lie at the heart of our success and their professional and personal goals are not only respected, but rather encouraged and stimulated.

Our culture is based on several specific principles:
  • Aiming for success
  • Training, development and support
  • Making a difference
  • Real career opportunities
  • Celebrating accomplishment
  • A collaborative, dynamic and innovative work environment
  • Professionalism and integrity
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